Gyrotonic® sessions are designed to take the body beyond its current limitations. People come out of a Gyrotonic® session with increased freedom of movement, greater strength, and more agility. Gyrotonic® exercises are adapted to fit anyone’s ability, from those recovering from injury or living with a disability, to the elite athletes and dancers, helping them to perform and recover faster.

The Gyrotonic® Method is an original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency. With Gyrotonic® exercises, each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.

The Gyrotonic® Method utilizes specialized equipment to guide, assist, and challenge the exerciser.

People from all walks of life take Gyrotonic® classes, including fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, accomplished athletes, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. Gyrotonic® exercises help athletes improve their performance, and rehabilitation clients recover more quickly and fully post injury.

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