"I decided to try GYROTONIC® after repeated injuries on my lower back at the gym. Fernando is an exceptional trainer, he listen, gives precise directions and tips and he's immensely patience! I could feel the difference right after the first session. The approach of GYROTONIC® is not about building muscle just for the sake of looking good externally. This is about the core, the good alignment of the spine and posture. I'm very satisfied with the results and with Fernando, he's awesome."


"I first met Fernando while working out at the gym. He noticed I was constantly stretching my arm after each set of weights and knew I was in pain. What he did not know was how long I had been hurting. In fact, when I was working out more frequently my shoulder / arm would never get a chance to heal. I would constantly drive home from the gym with my arm stretched out behind the passenger’s seat to alleviate the pain. I would also never achieve a full night’s rest due discomfort and the need to constantly readjustment the placement of my arm.


Fernando explained that I was lifting wrong and damaging my shoulder / arm and then proceeded to correct the way I was lifting. As you may already know it takes time to heal muscles when they have been damaged. But like most people at the gym, I need to see results and have no intention of slowing down. So, Fernando introduced me to the GYROTONIC® method. I was skeptical since I had never heard of the method before.


I started out with one session to see if it would work for me. After the first session the pain had greatly been reduced. Then I decided to try a few more sessions and finally eliminated the pain all together. Not only was I able to correct my lifting but also eliminate the pain I had suffered with for so long. I found what works best for me is to combine my workouts with private GYROTONIC® classes. Fernando was great and very patient. He put me on the right track and I’m able to lift weights more efficiently than ever before without the pain!"


"I went to Fernando with a shoulder and neck issue which he has completely turned around. I am now able to play tennis without pain, and my whole body feels better and stronger. Fernando is a true professional who has the experience and patience to make sure that you do all of the movements correctly for the most benefit possible. I highly recommend Fernando Garcia to any athlete with physical issues or to anyone who just wants their body to feel better!"


"Fernando has been guiding me for over three years.  His training me with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has helped me with counteracting my scoliosis.  My spine has shown improvement and straightened from what it was when we started the work. Fernando challenges me, makes my workouts interesting and fun, and he cares about my progress"


"I've worked with Fernando for 5 years, and have truly realized the benefits of gyrotonic. He's a great trainer who keeps you motivated. I work in a career that has stress along with excessive meetings & computer work. GYROTONIC®         exercise helps you maintain spinal health, keeps you open and flexible, and improves your strength and coordination. Fernando clues into your unique needs and builds a program just for you."


"I started training with Fernando 6 months after a spinal laminectomy. Before my back issues I had been extremely active and practiced aerobics, Pilates, weight training and GYROTONIC® exercise.  I was so frightened to start exercising again and then, FERNANDO!!  I have been working with him near 4 months. He started slowly and patiently showed me how to move my spine again. He pushes you at just the correct time and is very encouraging. Best thing ever!  I am now back to doing all I was doing pre-surgery. He is dependable and flexible and has a great sense of humor. He is extremely knowledgeable in all things gyro and continues to complete the latest trainings on all equipment."


"I have been training with Fernando for over a year.  He is fully engaged in designing work out sessions that address both the issues I think are important as well as those that he observes would benefit me. He develops your capabilities, always stretching you just a little further than you thought you could achieve.  Progress is evident to the student.  He has a great sense of humor and is very dependable."

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